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The second statistical analysis of Brussels participation to H2020 is now available!

Since the start of the programme in January 2014, the Brussels-Capital Region (BCR) obtained :

  • The financing of 572 projects coming from 302 Brussels beneficiaries. This represents 49% of all Belgian beneficiaries
  • A total financing amount of 314,9 millions €, which corresponds to 40% of the total amount granted to Belgium, while the BCR represents 11% of the gross R&D expenses of Belgium
  • The average success rate of project proposals involving Brussels organisations is 17,9%, compared to 14,9% at Belgian level and 11,5% at the level of the whole programme
  • The average amount of financing amount granted to Brussels proposer is 412.213 €, an amount slightly lower than the Belgian average (445.542 €)

Get detailed data and analysis on H2020 in the Brussels- Capital Region:


Detailed yearly statistics on the participation of Brussels organisations to the 7th framework programme:

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You are here: Home H2020 in Brussels Statistics

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