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Thursday, 27 March 2014 17:10

“Innovation through Gender” European Report on gender dimension in EU research

Written by Elena Angiolini
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In February 2011 the European Commission convened an Expert Group, “Innovation through Gender”.



In February 2011 the European Commission convened an Expert Group, “Innovation through Gender”.

The goal of the Expert Group was twofold: to provide scientists and engineers with practical methods for sex and gender analysis, and to develop case studies as concrete illustrations of how sex and gender analysis leads to new ideas and excellence in research.

To match the global reach of science and technology, the case studies and methods of sex and gender analysis were developed through European and international collaborations.

What is Gendered Innovations?

Thirty years of research have revealed that sex and gender bias is socially harmful and expensive. Gender bias also leads to missed market opportunities. It is crucially important to identify gender bias and understand how it operates in science and technology. But analysis cannot stop there. Gendered Innovations offer sophisticated methods of sex and gender analysis to scientists and engineers. Integrating these methods into basic and applied research produces excellence in science, health & medicine, and engineering research, policy, and practice.

Gendered Innovations:

• Add value to research and engineering by ensuring excellence and quality in outcomes and enhancing sustainability.

• Add value to society by making research more responsive to social needs.

• Add value to business by developing new ideas, patents, and technology.

Full report here

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