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Participant Portal User Group Meeting

Participant Portal User Group Meeting

16 June 2017 10:00

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For improving the user-friendliness of our portal, we collect feedback and suggestions from users. To this end, we organise a next external user meeting, to which we would like to invite you. This event will be a web meeting, i.e. you can participate from your office. All you need is a computer with internet connection and a telephone. See the detailed instructions.

This web meeting will take place on Friday 16 June, starting at 10:00 (Brussels time).

We will present you the new services and developments planned for 2017:

A new Partner Search Service that allows searching organisations that could be potential partners for the EU funded proposals and projects. The first stage of this development would automatically display all the public data of organisations that are registered in the PP Beneficiary Register. During the meeting we would present the service made public on PP the same week. We would also present the next planned development – expressing interest to find partners for a topic (call) published on the Participant Portal.
Revamping of the Participant Portal – Our portal publishes an increasing number of EU funding opportunities beyond Horizon 2020, and we aim at adapting the visual identity and navigation to reflect this broader scope. During the meeting we will present the testing version of the new developments and mockups of changes to the secured My Area.
PP notifications – TO and CC addressees of PP roles and grant management notifications are now visible to recipients. We interested in your feedback to this new feature.

For comments and questions also before and after the web meeting, we have opened a web forum at

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