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Horizon 2020 projects taking aim at energy efficiency

The European Union has set itself an ambitious energy savings target of 20% by 2020 (when compared to the previously projected use of energy in 2020).

Roughly speaking, this is equivalent to turning off 400 power stations.

As 2016 came to a close, the European Commission proposed an update to the Energy Efficiency Directive that included a new 30% energy efficiency target for 2030, and measures to update the Directive to make sure the new target is met.

Then, on 14 June 2018, the Commission, the Parliament and the Council agreed on a binding energy efficiency target for the EU for 2030 of 32.5% with a clause for an upwards revision by 2023.

As part of its efforts to accelerate energy efficiency, the EU is funding projects through Horizon 2020 with the aim to ensure collaboration across the value-chain from investors to energy service companies to end users, driving greater widespread adoption of energy efficiency initiatives.

This was the focus of the tech talk ‘Project Focus: Horizon 2020 work driving energy efficiency’, featuring three projects gathering momentum thanks to Horizon 2020.

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