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Testimonial | SUMY Belgium

I continue to be impressed with the responsiveness of the NCP Brussels support team.

The service I received from the team (on the phone, meetings and emails) plays a big role in my decision to apply our innovation action to the EU calls for action and research funding projects instead of leaving aside our need for innovation support.

Our project aims to keep connected people & goods to foster peace and safe place for human to coexist in Brussels.

The support I received was friendly, professional, supportive, absolutely timely and extraordinarily efficient. It is rare to find such expertise in Brussels. Our project turns to close collaboration within the EU scope for cost effective, sustainable, safe and inclusive mobility.

Especially because we knew we can get help when we need it we did it.

The technical support team of the NCP Brussels is very knowledgeable.

They’ve answered to our questions very quickly.

As a new EU programs user it has reduced our learning curve tremendously. Between the face to face meetings and rapid replies to e-mails, I have been extremely pleased.

Keep up the good work!





 Hinde Boulbayem, Mobility Manager @ SUMY « Sustainable Urban Logistics & Mobility »

You are here: Home Documents News Testimonial | SUMY Belgium

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