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Submission Results for the BBI 2016 Call

The Bio-based Industries (BBI) Joint Undertaking (JU) is responsible for the implementation of open call for proposals for research and innovation actions and innovation actions, as well as coordination and support actions, in line with the Horizon 2020 rules for participation.

The submission results for the BBI 2016 Callare as follows:

A total of 103 proposals were submitted in response to the 2016 Call.

The number of proposals for each type of action is shown below:

  • CSA - 7 proposals
  • RIA – 70 proposals
  • IA – Demo - 20 proposals
  • IA – Flagship – 6 proposals

The evaluation of the proposals will start in September and be finalised in November 2016. Applicants will be informed about the outcome of the evaluations by mid-December 2016. The successful proposals will go through the Grant Agreement Preparation (GAP) phase and the deadline for the Grant Agreement signature is 8 May 2017.


As part of the panel review, hearings will be organised for all submitted flagship proposals, as established in BBI JU’s Annual Work Plan 2016 (section 2.3.6) to:

  • clarify the proposals and help the panel establish their final assessment and scores


  • improve the experts’ understanding of the proposals

Invitations to hearings will be sent to the flagship coordinators with all the relevant details during September. According to the evaluation criteria for Innovation Actions (IA) and more specifically in the context of criterion ‘Quality and efficiency of the implementation’, the experts could request additional technical explanations/clarifications for the two following evaluation sub-criteria:

  • Soundness of the business case and business plan
  • Readiness of the technology for the implementation of the pilot phase, demonstration or flagship (TRL). Applicants should demonstrate the readiness of the technology for the implementation of the pilot phase. In particular, for flagships applicants must demonstrate that by the time of the submission of their application they have been operating relative demonstration scale plants at a significant production capacity.

Hearings will not be used to permit modifications to proposals. The original submitted proposal remains the basis for final evaluation throughout.

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You are here: Home Documents News Submission Results for the BBI 2016 Call

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