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Eurostars call for projects 2014: In the first semester of 2014, the consortiums are invited to introduce their projects before March 13th 2014.


In a nutshell :

  1. 1.Eurostars is a funding programme for European R&D projects.
  2. 2.Eurostars is mainly dedicated to R&D performing SMEs (although other RDI actors are eligible) wishing to develop a new and innovative product, process or service, with a view to a quick commercialization.
  3. 3.The program approach is purely bottom-up. You come with your own project idea, your strategy, your R&D. Every technological thematic are accepted as long as the project is highly innovative and has a civilian purpose.
  4. 4.Eurostars supports collaborative projects involving at least two partners coming from two different participating countries.
  5. 5.If the submission and the evaluation of projects are centralised at the Eurostars secretariat, the funding is provided for by Innoviris (and the other national funding agencies) in accordance with our regional rules (no need to adapt to a European set of rules). We commit ourselves to finance the best projects involving Brussels actors and selected by the Eurostars secretariat.


Why is this programme interesting for you ?

  • Eurostars is a programme aimed at supporting the development and growth strategy of enterprises by financing R&D projects with an objective of results commercialisation in the short-term (two years after the project completion)
  • This programme allows you, through the setting-up of a small size international consortium, to combine complementary expertise to perform your project and to have access to new markets for the results of your R&D.
  • For enterprises having never participated in European projects, Eurostars offers you, through the small size of the projects (average of 3 to 4 participants per project), and its light procedure compared to other European programmes, a first experience of international collaboration.
  • Eurostars supports the innovation strategy of SMEs so as to improve their commercial success and their competitiveness on the national and European markets.


How can you get funding?

INNOVIRIS is a funding agency of the Eurostars programme. As such, the institute commit itself to accept the ranking list of projects published by the Eurostars secretariat after the projects evaluation, and to finance the Brussels partners involved in the best projects, provided that they fulfil the regional eligibility criteria. Moreover, these participants will benefit from a funding rate higher than our usual rates.


More informations?

The Eurostars and Innoviris websites are at your disposal. Moreover, you’ll find on the Eurostars website some examples of selected projects and financed success stories


If you’re interested in this programme, if you consider introducing a project or for every question, please do contact:

Mathilde Reumaux

Advisor - European RDI Policies and Projects

Tel : 02 600 50 34

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.