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Startup Europe’s Micro-Grants !

The ePlus helps you grow your business. The third round of call for applications to Micro-Grants is open from the 5th December 2016 until the 15th January 2017.

A set of events or services supporting entrepreneurs has been shortlisted for this round covering the timespan between January and April 2017, but other events happening till April 2017 will be considered on application. Startup Europe’s Micro-grants are one of the services offered by the ePlus Ecosystem, as a way to support European startups business growth, and to foster relationships and networking for scaling up in Europe and beyond.

Startup Europe’s Micro-Grants have the form of financial support to sustain the participation of startups in relevant European events. Up to 1000€ per startup can be awarded to reimburse the expenses connected to the participation to events or services considered relevant within the ePlus goals.

Discover the specific objectives and conditions of access to Micro-Grants here.


You are here: Home Documents News Startup Europe’s Micro-Grants !

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