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How to find partners?

NCP Brussels can help you efficiently in your partner search to:

  • find complementary partners abroad, be they academics, industries, research centres or SMEs
  • find new partners in case of defaulting partners in the course of your project
  • find technical and business partners in view of the exploitation of your research results

NCP Brussels is a member of major EU business and research networks. As such, we have access to the powerful partner search databases developed by these networks. 

Partner search from FP7 NCP Networks

NCP Brussels team is member of the thematic EU networks of National Contact Points(NCP)  on FP7. Some of these NCP networks have developed partner search database. Check it!

Partner search database from the Enterprise Europe Network

NCP Brussels team is also an active member of the Enterprise Europe Network. As such, we offer you an access to quality partner search emanating from coordinators from all over Europe.

We also developed a service of targeted sending of open partner search: we send to Brussels-based stakeholders any new partner search that could fit their research and innovation strategy.

Don’t hesitate to contact NCP Brussels team to benefit from this service: if we know you, we will be able to pinpoint and send you the relevant partner search for you!

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