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Tuesday, 23 April 2013 15:09

From research to realisation: ECOWEB

Written by Elena Angiolini
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A brand new e-dissemination platform for EU eco-innovation research results...

A brand new e-dissemination platform for EU eco-innovation research results

From research to realisation: ECOWEB


The transformation of scientific research into self-sustaining market products is not only a key factor to an innovative society, but also one of the great challenges in ecological markets. Semantics barriers such as language and accessibility of information hinder and effective uptake across the EU and slow down the diffusion of research results into reliable market products and services.

The brand new e-platform ECOWEB aims to bridge this gap, to help Economy and research get together providing research results from over a thousand EU-funded projects from all sectors of ECO-Innovation.

This new e-solution is a project carried out by a multinational consortium supported by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme and it presents EU-funding projects in an accessible platform with a semantic search interface based on keywords, guided search and an online library.

The automatic integration of information from official databases of the EC funding programmes further complemented with updates from projects’ official websites and quality ensured through the validation and update through the project managers, together with a customer centered design, allow and effective search experience for the user

The final product of the project will be an online platform inviting SMEs and industry, to get in touch with eco-innovative knowledge and technologies of their interests for fast uptake and integration into their businesses.

The direct beneficiaries of the ECOWEB platform are EU companies and organisations such as:

1)    SMEs and enterprises interested in innovations which will result in the “introduction of a new or significantly-improved product (goods or service), process, organisational change or marketing solution that reduces the use of natural resources (including materials, energy, water and land) and decreases the release of harmful substances across the whole lifecycle” [Eco-innovation Observatory definition, 2010].

2)    Multipliers and networks of enterprises. Such as sector and professional networks, chambers of commerce, associations, incubators, technological platforms, regional agencies, local and national authorities, etc.

3)    EU-funded projects with eco-innovation results from the European Commission funding programmes Framework Programme (FP6 and FP7), CIP and LIFE+.

For further information visit www.ecoweb.info

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