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Latest calls from the EIT Raw Materials

Four calls are open for different TRLs thus for starters till more experienced start-ups with innovative circular business models/technologies linked to minerals and materials.   

The EIT Raw Materials is linked and funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), an EU body funded by Horizon 2020. This major consortium brings together more than 120 partners in the raw materials sector. It aims to ensure the accessibility, availability and sustainable use of metal and mineral raw materials for the economy and citizens. For more information about the EIT Raw materials, you can read NCPs CaRE useful guide

 The EIT Raw Materials does not only cover “industrial” recycling projects for mineral and metal raw materials, but also 

  • biomasses and polymers as substitutes for mineral and metal raw materials;
  • the whole value chain, including the design of products, services and new business models for resource recovery, the extension of product lifetime, products as a service, sharing platforms, etc.

The EIT Raw Materials has currently 4 interesting call opens for innovative SMEs in the circular economy and which do not require partners contrary to Societal Challenge 5 Calls or the classic EIT Raw materials Call for projects.


Jumpstarter for starters

EIT Jumpstarter is an innovation contest aiming to reach out, identify and support the best ideas from researchers, PhD students and starters. The innovation contest is structured in several stages. Once selected you can benefit from bootcamp and coaching, trainings and travels are reimbursed. If selected to the final sessions, you can compete to become one of the 3 top winners awarded respectively 10 000, 7 000 and 5000 €.

This year, the Jumpstarter call also covers the EIT Food, EIT Health, EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility.

The deadline is 15th March 2020.  More information here.


Start-up accelerator

 The Accelerator aims to develop Start-ups so that they can rapidly become suppliers to, and perhaps future partners of, the EIT RawMaterials network. The Accelerator programme comprises 3 Phases (Invent, Build, Grow) to grow from TRL 4 to 9. The support provided in each Phase consists of both group work and individual coaching. Start-ups are both helped to anchor their local and national ecosystems and to get introduced to a Pan-European level to partners in the EIT RawMaterials Innovation Community. Grant funding is offered to participate in the activities.

 The deadline for applying to the phase 1 has been extended to 6th February 2020. More information here.


Booster call for start-up 

The Booster call is intended to test new business ideas through financial support up to EUR 60 000, support services and access to the network. It is aimed at start-ups or SMEs that are not members of the EIT RawMaterials, but which could become members of the EIT at the end of the project (what will involve the payment of a membership fee) or contribute to the network created by that EIT in a different way (for instance through a backflow in revenue or equity sharing).

The Booster call can support SMEs to bring technology closer to the market (starting from TRL 4 minimum), to accelerate market penetration and to facilitate product portfolio diversification.  

The next deadlines are 15th May and 4th September 2020. More information here.


Raw Materials and Circular Societies Prize

 The main objective of this Prize is to support the implementation of new ideas for new business models s that foster repairing, reuse and sharing to support the efficient implementation of the Circular Economy in Europe.

The prize will award

  EUR 30.000 lump sum for the first prize

   EUR 20.000 lump sum for the second prize

   EUR 10.000 lump sum for the third prize

Additionally, prize laureates will receive support to access EIT RawMaterials Entrepreneurship programs (EIT Jumpstarter, Acceleration programme or Booster).

Applications are open till 31 May 2020. More information here


For all these calls, your NCP Camille Lépinay This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. can help you prepare your application.



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